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We are a company based in Waipara,  covering all North Canterbury, New Zealand. We do a lot of work in and around Christchurch.

Cell Phone Hands Free Kits are required by law now so please contact us for cheap simple solutions.

Bad cell phone coverage at home or down at the milking shed, we can FIX it so you enjoy full signal strength.

We have more than twenty years experience with two-way radio, we install any make of R/T into any type of vehicle, provide connections and mobile radios to most trunking networks in Canterbury.

We supply repeater access to most local hill-top repeaters, including Mt. Hutt.

We are agents for Vertex mobile and portable radios, also Procom mobile and marine antennas. More....

We also have a substantial amount of experience with Wireless Internet.

We can connect you to broadband internet through the latest wireless technology, provide wireless internet access around your property and supply you with a telephone connection over your internet. More...

Contact us now for all your R/T's and Wireless Internet needs.